Drive Conversions by easy space planning

Generate leads with your own roomplanner

With Roomplanner, you can offer your customers a quick & easy tool to design a room and decorate it automatically with YOUR products. A great lead generation tool for your website or within your store.

roomplanner kiosk

Why offer an easy space planning tool?

Get new leads

Get new leads

Capture valuable leads as customers design and save their dream rooms on your website.

More engagement

More engagement

Keep customers on your site with interactive room design features that encourage exploration and shopping.

Your products & styles

Your products & styles

Tailor Roomplanner to match your brand and product offerings for a seamless shopping experience.

Convert leads to sales

Convert leads to sales

Easily integrate Roomplanner into your website and follow up leads via your Floorplanner account.

A tool your customers will appreciate

Space planning made simple

With Roomplanner, making a personalized room design is easy & fun. It allows visitors to your website to find out themselves what fits in their room and provides them with inspiration what their room could look like.

It sets you retail business apart by offering a useful tool that informs & inspires customers. Your own roomplanner will increases satisfaction by enabling shoppers to visualize products in their own spaces, ensuring they make confident purchases which will help to decrease costly returns.

driving sales and generating leads

Informed & inspired leads

Roomplanner allows shoppers to easily design their dream rooms using a retailer's products, leading to increased sales and more lead generation. The tool is user-friendly and integrates smoothly with retailer websites, making shopping an interactive and enjoyable experience.

By using Roomplanner, retailers can stand out by providing a personalized shopping journey, attracting more customers and building lasting relationships with them.

Elevate your retail experience

Roomplanner Kiosk

Roomplanner Kiosk brings a new twist to your retail experience by bringing interactive room planning directly to your showroom floor. With Roomplanner Kiosk, visitors of your store can design their room with a few clicks on a touchscreen and see the results in stunning 3D within seconds on a big TV.


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Crate & Barrel

“Our interior designers create gorgeous lifelike renderings with ease. A “wow factor” that truly impresses our clients and helps in landing large sales.”

Debbie de Boer

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