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Elevate Your In-Store Experience

Roomplanner Kiosk improves your store by bringing interactive room planning with photorealistic realtime 3D directly to your showroom floor. With Roomplanner Kiosk, you offer an immersive & compelling experience that empowers your customers to visualize their dream spaces, explore your products in context, and make confident purchasing decisions.

roomplanner kiosk

The benefits of Roomplanner Kiosk

Compelling, Immersive & Fun

Compelling, Immersive & Fun

Roomplanner Kiosk will attract visitors with its captivating blend of immersive technology and user-friendly design. Step into a world where your dream space takes shape at your fingertips.

No hardware, all cloudbased

No hardware, all cloudbased

Roomplanner Kiosk is fully cloud-based. It requires no special hardware or software installation. Simply load Roomplanner Kiosk on any touchscreen device and use a separate (large) TV via our Apple TV app, and you're ready to go.

Easy to setup & maintain

Easy to setup & maintain

With an intuitive interface and real-time 3D visualization, Roomplanner Kiosk captivates customers and keeps them engaged as they explore different room layouts and designs.

Simple & attractive pricing

Simple & attractive pricing

Capture valuable leads by allowing customers to save their designs and share them with friends, family, or your sales team. Roomplanner Kiosk makes it easy for customers to express interest in your products and services.

All in pricing
$499/month per kiosk

Roomplanner Kiosk HD

  • Deliver high-quality 3D in HD resolution.
  • Ideal for setups with HD display screens (1920x1080 pixels).
  • Cost-effective option for businesses with budget constraints or smaller display screens.
a HD render
$799/month per kiosk

Roomplanner Kiosk 4K

  • Provide ultra-high-definition visuals in 4K resolution.
  • Perfect for setups with 4K display screens, delivering crisp and detailed room designs and 3D views.
  • Ideal for businesses looking to provide a premium, immersive experience to customers with larger or higher-end displays.
a 4K render
leading the market

Trusted by over 30% of the Top 25 furniture retailers in North America.

Our platform is used by a growing number of leading retailers for in-store and virtual consultations. In the US alone, Floorplanner is used for tens of thousands of design consults every month and this number keeps growing. Many of the improvements to our platform of the past years have been made to make life easier for retailers and their designers and sales staff. We believe our platform adds real value to store & design services and we remain committed to continuous improvements, making Floorplanner a great choice for furniture retailers and manufacturers.

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Cloud-Based Architecture

The Roomplanner Kiosk System

The Roomplanner Kiosk uses online technology to help design retail spaces. It has an easy-to-use screen interface, and all the design work is done online, making it fast and secure. It also uses a special cloud-hosted system to make sure everything loads quickly and smoothly.

a photo of the kiosk sytem
A Workflow Overview

From Touchscreen to 3D Visuals

The Roomplanner Kiosk journey begins with users selecting templates and customizing spaces via a touchscreen. Proprietary algorithms then create "magic layouts," intelligently arranging furniture for optimal design. Real-time 3D visualization offers a dynamic view of the final space, with cloud technology ensuring secure data management and a personalized experience.

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